Caring for your garage door

Your up and over garage door will give you years of service if you follow these simple routines.

Ensure that there are no obstructions when opening and closing your garage door. The most common problems occuring with garage doors happen when they strike an obstruction when opening or closing. If this should happen you should not attempt to force the door against the obstruction, instead remove the obstruction before continuing 

Ensure that all pivot points, bearings, springs and rollers are oiled. DO NOT oil tracks.

Ensure that there is no debris or dirt on or around the door so that rain water can drain away easily and that normal air circulation will allow the door to dry in good weather.

AT LEAST EVERY 3 MONTHS: Check, and if necessary, oil all pivot points, bearings, springs and rollers. DO NOT oil the track.

EVERY YEAR: Check the following:

The fixings between the door, and the buildings are solid and secure.

The door lifting gear and its fixed points to the door and frame are solid and secure. All pivot points, bearings, springs and rollers are oiled.


Steel garage doors

If your steel door is supplied in a factory primed finish, it will require painting with a good quality semi-gloss or matt exterior household paint and appropriate undercoat as soon as possible after installation. The primer coat is applied as a base coat only.

Before applying the paint ensure the surface of the door has been washed down using a solution of water and non-abrasive detergent, (such as washing up liquid).Then thoroughly wash the door with warm water a number of times removing any evidence of the detergent. Fully factory finished doors should require no further painting.

To help preserve the appearance of the door periodically wash with warm water.


GRP garage doors

Gloss white GRP one-piece doors are supplied in a fully finished condition and require no further painting or treatment.To help preserve the appearance it is recommended that the door is washed down with warm water and a non-abrasive detergent.To help preserve the appearance of Timber effect GRP one-piece doors a periodic dust down with a soft bristle brush followed by a wash down with warm water is recommended.

Please Note: Remote control operators work with fully retractable doors only.


Personal Doors

Timber personal doors are supplied with one coat of preservative that should be treated as a basecoat that should be treated as soon as possible after fitting in your own choice of preservative stain. After this initial treatment timber personal doors should be re-coated as you deem necessary. Steel and PVCu doors require little or no maintenance other than a wash down with warm soapy water and the occasional squirt of oil on hinges and moving parts.