Textone - A Garage as an Investment


A TEXTONE building is probably one of the best investments you could make for your home. It will add value to your property. Your car will retain its value and your possessions will be less vulnerable to theft and vandalism. Garaging your car in most cases will also reduce your insurance premium.

Now you can buy a Prestige TEXTONE building in a finish to match your home at a price to match your budget. Brick, stone, render or part-timbered - colour matched right down to the pointing and guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your property

See our Prestige TEXTONE building designs clad in fantastic new innovative seamless textured facing.

Produced from crushed stone aggregates and acrylic resins/the surface is widely used in the building trade for the renovation and restoration of all types of buildings - from ordinary private houses to listed buildings and churches.

TEXTONE – The perfect match to any finish - so good, you'll swear it is even better than the real thing!

Don't take our word for it! VISIT US and see it for yourself!

The Facts

  • Choosing the right building can make a major difference to the overall appearance and value of your property*
  • TEXTONE buildings can be individually manufactured and can be built to blend in with your existing property
  • A TEXTONE building will add style and value to your home TEXTONE buildings can be built in days not weeks
  • Available with optional high security Tileform steel roof system*
  • Wide selection of optional doors and remote control systems to choose from.

Why Textone?

By choice most people would prefer a brick or stone built building but are concerned about the cost and several weeks of upheaval (i.e. major ground works, footings, drainage, building regulations etc) as well as problems matching existing finishes which could be many years old and no longer available in the size and colour required. The answer is a TEXTONE building which can be manufactured and built in almost any colour or texture and shaped to blend in with your existing property.


TEXTONE buildings are manufactured from steel reinforced concrete sections which form the main inside shell of the building. On completion of the building the unique TEXTONE outer surface is applied in layers and sculptured to the required textured finish which forms a waterproof layer that automatically increases the 'U' values of the walls.


TEXTONE buildings weather naturally ensuring its beauty for many years and is unaffected by extremes of hot/cold and dry/wet conditions. TEXTONE finish is covered by a 10 year guarantee.


TEXTONE buildings require a substantial level concrete base. Our Technical Representative will visit your site on request to give a written estimate for laying a concrete base and any other site preparation and excavation work required.