02/03/10 - Beware Inflated Prices Prior to Discount
There has never been a better time to get a good deal on a concrete building. As orders are difficult to come by at present there are a number of discounts being offered at various manufacturers, but how can you tell that you are genuinely making a saving or being tricked into believing so. 

We all know that certain companies will increase their prices for a certain period prior to their customary sale offering large discounts off the list price. However, if you return midway through the year and check the prices on the same product you will notice that they are only marginally higher than you saw it for during the sale, even though you had been led to beleive that you were getting a substantial discount.Don't be fooled into thinking you are getting a hefty discount just because a webstite or sales rep tells you so. Always look around for comparative quotes, you may find that the special offer is not so special after all.

At Prestige Sectional Buildings we are currently offering a genuine 20% off our range of sectional buildings. Aside from this we have held our list prices (without increase) for the previous 3 years so you can be sure that your offer is genuine and there has been no add ons to offset the advertised discount. 

Don't forget that price isn't everything either. When buying a garage you are buying the whole package that will include after sales service and the availability of spare parts etc. Although the majority of buildings are maintenance free (external woodwork excluded) there will come a time that your building will need a bit of sprucing up. Buy from Prestige and you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be able to obtain any components of the building at a later date and if you have purchased one of our buildings then we will be happy to return to carry out any work required on the building in years to come. Remember that we can remove existing garages and carry out any base work required for the building too, we do not subcontract any work out so we also have complete control over the instalation from start to finish, giving you complete piece of mind when it comes to quality. Now that really is a Great Deal!  

18/07/09 - Ex Display Building For Sale - Now Sold
We currently have a, 8'6" x 14'5" Textone Apex Roof Building Complete with tile effect steel roof and a Victorian style up and over door for sale at £1500.00 incl VAT, delivery and assembly. That's well under half price!!
Please call on 0161 477 0010 to snap up this fantastic bargain. Once it's gone it's gone.   

03/06/09 - Website Re-work
We have re-worked our existing website to make it more search engine friendly. Hopefully you will find all the information you require on the pages of the site but if there is something you would like to see please contact us. We are constantly trying to update the content but it is a work in progress so please be patient.